Software Development Tools

A program/application that helps you to develop software (create new pieces of, maintain, debug, or support software).
  • has a GUI to offer easy access to the user
  • shows errors, and suggests solutions how to correct them
  • possibly works with color codes, highlighting different types of commands
  • The user can let the software show the output

Examples include:
  • HTML editor
    Example of a simple software development tool (for Java): BlueJ
    • Allows programmers to create web pages in HTML format. It might include auto completion features and predefined blocks of code to speed up the development of the web page.
  • Java development environments: ex. BlueJ, Eclipse
  • Visual IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
    • Scratch
  • Database management systems (DBMS)
    • A database management system (DBMS) is computer software that manages databases. They allow a user to create databases without the need to write the specific computer code. DBMSes may use any of a variety of database models, such as the network model or relational model.
  • Macros
    • In word processors, for example, repetitive tasks can be programmed into macros, speeding up the process by performing a series of tasks in only a very little time, which would otherwise take considerably longer, if done manually.
  • Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE)
    • Computer aided software engineering tools are development
      Another example of a development tool: Visual Basic Studio 2010 Express
      environments for whole teams of programmers. Certain processes of the development process can be simplified, automated and managed. Ex. there are tools for (quote from "Computer Science Java Enabled"):
      • Summarizing initial requirements.
      • Developing flow diagrams.
      • Scheduling development tasks.
      • Preparing documentation.
      • controlling software versions.
      • Developing program code.
  • Language Translators (also called 'source to source translator', or 'language converter')
    • Translate code from one high-level language to another.

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