Network Security and how it is accheived

Network security is very important, because it prevents the transeferred data to be stolen or illegally edited

There are four main ways to protect one's network
  1. Access control
  2. Layered Access
  3. A Firewall
  4. Data Encyption

Access Control
  • Access Control is the part of the operating system that allows people to login into a system and that determines what rights the user has
  • Much like Layered Access there are different amounts data one can access depending on the amount of rights one has
  • It also denies the accessfor people who give an incorrect password

Layered Access
  • Layered Access means that there are several layered of permissions. eg: Administrator > User > Guest
  • The idea is that you gain more access to get more sensitive data or commands

  • The firewall is also very important because it blocks unotharised access to the computer while allowing the user to still access the files it needs
  • A firewall cheks all the packaages that try to acces the computer to determine if it is dangerous or has the correct authority

Data Enycption
  • Data encyption is the process of encypting data that is very sensitive and that can only be accessed with the use of a key
  • The data that is encypted can not be read by anyone without the key even if it is intercepted.

Created by: Daniel Gillo
Last update: 13th December 2010