5.1.14 - Describe how trees operate logically (both binary and non-binary).

Link: Recursive Thinking
  • use boolean logical operators
    • graphical representation of boolean operations
      • boolean operations are logical connections of two situations/things
  • trees operate logically, as there are certain rules they follow (these rules do not change)
  • Binary
    • logical rules
      • starts with root, then each node can have a left and a right child
      • each node has one parent, except for the root
      • filled from left to right
      • starting at any node, moving upward will result with reaching the root
      • complete binary trees: required to fill in each level from left to right
  • Non-binary
    • general tree
      • organisational hierarchy
        • descending
      • logical mathematical formulas connected to tree
        • linked lists to access left child and then move right

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Last update: 21/04/2015