• Sub-programmes:
    • “self-made”
    • reuse of code = reduction
    • sub-program once refined does not have bugs, thus reusing it is safe
    • code easier to read/understand
    • decreased length
    • Collections
      • reusable
      • provided by third party
      • quicker programming, as less code needs to be written
      • Why needed?
        • reduces length of program
        • easier to read/understand as shorter
          • more organized
  • if a team, people can work on sub-program, while other work on main program
  • easier to debug if divided into parts

  • Show an understanding of the usefulness of reusable code and program organisation for the individual programmer, team members and future maintenance.
  • General principles of computational thinking, connecting computational thinking and program design.
  • Technology: use of software such as Alice.

Created By: Lucie Magister
Last update: 02/06/2015