Describe suitable methods to ensure data security

Data Encryption
  • The transforming of data into a format that is only readable by the sender and receiver of the message
  • This is used in data transmissions because the transmissions can be intercepted by others, who can then access the data

  • A randomly chosen parameter that determines whether the output of an encrypted file will have any valid output

  • A password is a set of characters that serve as a key to open or access certain files
  • This is needed in order to protect certain files from unauthorized users to access or copy them
  • Passwords are used very often in electronics from accounts in computer networks, WiFi networks, or encrypted files

Physical Security
  • Physical security is the most important because it prevents people from just going in to remove or add a device to a network or a computer.
  • No matter how much encryption or passwords one would have, if there is no physical security none of that helps much

Levels of Access for users (Permissions)

  • Administrator: Normally has all rights i.e. read & write, all access to all files
  • Normal user: Has rights to read and write depending on the type, location or owner of file the user wants to write to
  • Guest user: Can normally only read files and has very limited access

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