Explain the Software involved in networking

  • Software is needed to connect to the internet because without it the hardware would not know what to do
  • In order for a PC to connect to the router it has to have the appropriate client software to understand the router
  • The software deals with protocols data security and integrity in WANs and LANs
  • Software has to deal with the various security threats from the internet (Trojans, Worms, Viruses, network attacks) in order to stop the computer from being corrupted
  • Networks are in constant need of new and better software to allow the networks to be more versatile etc.

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Last Edit: 21st January 2011

  • Jones, Richard. Computer Science Java Enabled. Victoria: IBID Press, 2004.

Key points:

+ the role of communications software in connecting local and wide area networks;
+ the need to deal with protocols and data security;
+ the ways networking is used (internal communications, electronic mail, e-commerce, conferencing and distributed processing);
+ the use of LAN's, public and private WAN's and the internet.