Network Topologies

  • Networks can be structured and configured in many different ways
  • A specific arrangement of peripherals is called a Topology
  • There are Three major network Topologies
    • Star Topology
    • Bus Topology
    • Hybrid Topology
  • The most common way to allow multiple users to access one computer is with a hub
    • A hub splits th data and allows multiple computers to have contact with each other
  • In a network every computer is also referred to as a node
  • A T-connector connects the node to the backbone
  • A Terminator is a device that absorbs the data at the end of the backbone

Star Topology

  • All computers that are connected to the network are able to directly connect to the Server via a hub
  • Every computer is connected to the hub, the hub is then connected to the Server allowing multiple computers to connect to the server
  • However the server has to work itself through all demands and chooses one node at a time depending on the task and urgency

Bus Topology

  • A very simple topology where a single cable is used to link to all of the nodes
  • All of the information sent out by one node is received by all the other nodes
  • The other nodes receive all of the information but only uses the information it needs
  • At the end of the cable there has to be a terminator so the message does not continue to be sent all over the system

Hybrid Topology

  • There is no specific way a Hybrid Topology is arranged because it is a mixture of all of the other topologies

  • Commonly hybrid topologies are connected via hubs with each others
  • The main reason why hybrid topologies are used is so the best parts of star and bus topologies can be unified to the demands of the network
    • A Star ring network consists of two or more star topologies connected using a multi-station access unit (MAU) as a centralized hub.
    • A Star Bus network consists of two or more star topologies connected using a bus trunk (the bus trunk serves as the network's backbone)

Media used are

  • Fiber optic cable
  • unshielded copper cables
  • twisted pair cables
    • unshielded twisted pair
  • Ethernet cables (Most common)

A visualisation of a Bus Topology

A visualisation of a Star Topology

An example of the Bus topology

A visualisation of a Hybrid Topology

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Last Edited 25th November 2010

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