Functions of a Web Browser and a Search Engine

Functions of a Web browser:

  • Ability to open HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) via a URL (Universal Resource Locater)
    A timeline of web browsers
  • To store a history of visited websites
  • To print websites
  • To display the HTML code
  • To save a page to a computer
  • To bookmark sites

A list of popular Web browsers:

Functions of Search engine

  • Search engines work by searching large indexes of websites and collecting data from the pages to categorize them and index them in their systems for fast access
  • The basic functions include:
    • Looking across the World Wide Web for information
    • Cataloging information with keywords
    • Giving people the a list of websites if they enter a keyword into the search bar that match their keyword(s)

A list of popular Search engines We need to give some information on how Google search works different then other search engines (research) Show a few examples of how to conduct a better Google search.(look here for more info


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