Outline applications of each of the processing methods in 3.3.5.

  • Batch Processing Examples:
    • A Bank computer which handles money transfers. The computer takes in information all day and actually processes the transfers all at once at night.
    • Images are uploaded/entered into a certain system during the day. At night the system processes all these images to add a water mark of the company to each image.

  • Online Processing Examples:
    • Computer games. Immediately after a key is hit or the mouse is moved the game reacts with the according action.
    • Word processing. The program reacts to key strokes immediately by displaying the according character on the screen.
    • Electronic booking systems (for theaters, buses, airlines, hotels, etc.)
  • Real time Processing Examples:
    • Patient monitoring. The heart rate, for instance, is monitored constantly. As soon as there is a critical change in the heart rate, the system reacts automatically and fast and pumps medication into the patient's body.
      A CPU cooler necessary in order to keep the CPU form overheating
    • CPU temperature monitoring. The temperature of CPUs in modern PCs is monitored constantly and the fan speed is adjusted according to the CPU temperature to ensure sufficient cooling without the fan being too loud.

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