Batch, Online and Real Time Processing

Batch processing
  • Definition: To process a large set of data in a specific way, automatically, without needing any user intervention. The data is first collected, during a work day, for example, and then batch-processed, so all the collected data is processed in one go. This could happen at the end of the work day, for example, when computing capacities are not needed for other tasks.
  • Advantages: It is possible to perform repetitive tasks on a large number of pieces of data rapidly without needing the user to monitor it.

Interactive or Online Processing
  • Definition: Data is processed immediately while it is entered, the user usually only has to wait a short time for a response. (ex. games, word processing, booking systems). Interactive or online processing requires a user to supply an input.
  • Advantages: Interactive or online processing enables the user to input data and get the results of the processing of that data immediately.

Real time Processing
Real time processing is a subset of interactive or online processing.
  • Definition: Input is continuously, automatically acquired from sensors, for example, which is processed immediately in order to respond to the input in as little time as possible. After the system is finished responding it reads the next set of input data immediately to process that. This system doesn't need a user to control it, it works automatically.
  • Advantages: Whenever there is a rapid reaction required due to some sort of change, real time processing can take action without the need of a user or long processing time beforehand.

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Last updated: 3. November 2010