Address, Register, Word

  • The Address is a form of data that links to a Memory Slot in the RAM to wich the CPU wants to.
  • This is important because otherwise the CPU can not find any data that it needs.

  • Registers are memory slots in the CPU that are capable of holding Data, Addresses and Words.
  • Registers can only hold one Word or Address at a time.

  • A words is a group of Bytes (4 in a 32 -Bit system and 8 in a 64 - Bit system) that contains information that the CPU wants. (1 Byte is made out of 8 Bits.)
  • A Word is a chunk of data that is sent from the Primary memory to a register in the CPU.

Note: The size of a word usually is the size of a register!

Created By Daniel Gillo

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