In Reference to 2.1.7
  • All applications run on a platform (For example web apps run on the used browser)
  • Web applications are commonly programmed, using HTML or Javascript
  • Applications are designed to help the user to complete specific tasks better and faster

For example:
  • o Writing documents à Microsoft Word
  • o Watch a video à VLC media player
  • o Edit Pictures à Photoshop

  • Common features of Microsoft programs
    • o File formats
    • o Structuring
    • o Customizable Fonts

    • Features of other programs
      • o Shared utilities
      • o Shared file formats

  • There are “Suites” which are packages of multiple applications
    • o Suites have the advantage:
      • § A suite is cheaper than buying the apps seperately
      • § The programs can be learnt and handled quicker since there are similar applications included
      • § Installation is easier and often immigrated

Created By: Johann Bönewitz
Last update: 08/09/2014