1.1.1 Identify the context for which a new system is planned

The manager of the system should appreciate the extent and limitations of the new system.


Moodle ~ BYOD ~ Printing at DIS

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Efficiency in organizing homework assigning and submissions by students. Stores work handed in virtually, therefore, will not be lost unless something happens to the server. If used properly, can be used as a forum for students and teachers to communicate easily.
Cons: Students have problems uploading. Only seen and used as a homework uploading platform by students.
Bring Your Own Devices
Pros: Students will have access to their own and familiar devices to work on. School does not need to provide the devices. Teachers can easily integrate technology in their classes.
Cons: Teachers with old school mindset of teaching will have problems integrating the new system. Students wil use different OSes and will not neccessary have the programs the teachers wanted them to have.
Printing at DIS
Pros: Students will have access to color printing and printing in general whenever they want as long as they have enough credit.
Cons: Students will trade card if they have no credit. A bunch of students might want to print at the same time, clustering it. Students will ask the teacher to print their things anyway.

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